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Tb Wood's Duraflex Coupling 

Coupling Has An Important Role In Wastewater Treatment. Conditions Were Difficult Waste Water And Many Chemicals, High Shock Loads, Extreme Temperatures Plus Wastewater Treatment Outside The Room So That Direct Sunlight Or Ultraviolet Radiation (Uv). Conditions Mentioned Above May Result In The Equipment Can Be Easily Damaged, Especially The Coupling Element And The Outer Part Is The Selection Of The Type Of Coupling Is Less Precise. 
Tb Wood's Duraflex Coupling Solution To Such Conditions Above. Tb Wood's Duraflex Coupling Is Made With A Special Formula Resistant To Uv Radiation Dam To Maximize Flexibility. Light Elements Absorb Shock Loading And Torsional Vibration. Chemical Resistant And Do Not Require Lubrication. Facilitate The Construction Of Replacement Detached. Poliurethane Flexible Material Offers Superior Chemical, Dynamic And Weathering Properties. 

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